Baltic Amber "Hidden Waterfalls" Necklace - Amber Water Collection

$ 260.00

This is where the paths cross and overlap among the tunnels through red cedar and hemlock spruce.  The air us full of the green smells of ferns and rain-laden moss. You are following a path to where the stream will branch, and a secret fork in the way, across one huge fallen log, will take you to where the bears still dance under the waterfall.  The waterfall is where the blue agates and devil's club are, and the fish go no further, as a shimmering otter spirit guards this place.  In the hours before dawn, perched high above the reflection points, the swimming cougar awaits.  She protects the waters and makes sure that nothing poisons the well.  Each day a woman wearing a blue necklace comes to bring offerings to the soul of the land.  Her eyes are old and she is passing this necklace to you....

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