Choose Your Own Perfume Adventure

If anyone else remembers scratch and sniff stickers and choose-your-own adventure books as fondly as I do, then you will enjoy this new story-perfume offering.  Stories will be offered alone, or sold with samples of perfume that highlight the scents of the journey bring the story to life.  Many of the stories document my adventures perfuming and distilling, making incense, or tracking animals in the forest.  The scents that go with them are the actual extractions made from the places I describe and the plants I dress in words and perfume.  These stories and perfume packs are meant to take you to places to learn and heal, or simply enjoy the catharsis of a little mystery finding it's way to you through the ethers.  So many of us pay for movies, or medicines that we do not even like that much....taking a scent journey not only offers real stories of creatures that we need to be protecting and trying to understand, but it also helps to reawaken our sleeping sense of smell.  Smell, tied to our emotional hearts and spirits, brings back memories needed to move forward.  Taking a smell journey in story can help one to evolve on a person healing journey.  Full of raucous glee and beautiful hard-won surprises, these stories are sure to keep your nose and spirit occupied, or supply a loved one with a creative gift.  In particular, I have crafted these stories for those of us who have disabilities of the body that prevent us from traveling or being close to other people, plants, animals, and nature in general.  My hope is that these stories fill you with a sense of being seen and heard despite the distance between the hearts of humans.





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