Ancient Bear in The Marjoram Garden Incense

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I created this incense on a dark fall day when I was full of a bear-like-rage.  I surrounded myself in mortars and pestles, sticks and stones, and began to hammer away at a dense batch of black frankincense from a fairtrader friend who procures his resins directly from Samburu women harvesters.  After a long period of crushing the stones to this I took a separate mortar and powdered the finest red dragonsblood resin that I have, from Socotra, so precious for it's way of rounding an incense into a mystical shrine.  

Then I took this red dust and crushed it in my hands with freshly dried Mountain Mugwort (Artemisia ludoviciana) which I harvest very selectively in sacred fishing places, and re-disperse the ash-loving seeds in places where it wishes to grow.  The scent is like soft white sage with a glorious blue leather wormwood note.  The red and green colors calm my mind as I mash these plants together and then add a pour of essential oil from a distillation that I did over the last summer of frankincense (B. carterii), french and mexican marigolds, calendula, rockrose, angelica, and small musk melons.

The fire in my heart is calming as I take bright, clear gold-orange frankincense which I had painted with dragonsblood ink earlier in the fall, and pour a green forest perfume spiked with sweet marjoram oil and western red cedar over the color.  The bears here rely deeply on cedar for many many things....for their dresses of gold rich brown and for their dinners of fat sweet grubs.  So I add a sprig of cedar bark from a tree rubbed over by bears, and powder this down as far as it's fibers will allow me to go.  I add accords or earth, mud, dirt and fern to the mixture to honor what bears like, and a touch of funky conk.

This goes on for a while, in an animalic, emotional, tactile state, on the floor crushing things, until my mind is inside the incense and nowhere else.  I am the ancient bear in the old womans marjoram garden, and I am tired of running, so sleepy in the soft fluffy flowers of pink, circled by bees.....I lay down as the old woman watches and smiles from her kitchen window, baking another layer of apple pie to share she in not unaware of the danger before her, but that awe, and fear is held in the apron pockets of a deeper knowing, and she swishes her self to another portion of the house, so that the old bear, reeking of crimson apples and old blood, will have time to sleep amongst the sunlit wonders of the garden, under the old quince, where the honey hives used to be.--------------------------------

This listing is for a 1/4 ounce glass jar of Ancient Bear in the Marjoram Garden Incense.

If you look at the photos you can see some of the bright red original ingredient base which was a distillate of pinon pine, black and white copals, dragonsblood, and 5 types of frankincense through catnip topped in marigolds.  This charge of material yielded several ounces of oil, a gallon of hydrosol, and 5 gallons of finished incense material.  The charge of material pictured was dried in the sun and then ground into this Ancient Bear in the Marjoram Garden Incense

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