Lotus Bear Incense

$ 25.00

This Lotus Bear Incense represents a year in bear plant women making pefumes from a garden hidden in the foothills of the cascades.  Protected by the beauty that it is.  The high mountain oshala roots of spring are featured in this blend, and were lovely gifts from a few differing friends who harvested them traditionally with other elders and a lot of care.  The roses were gathered by my mom and I, from plants we chose carefully for several years, and then planted together and tended as sisters, aunties, nieces, mothers, fathers, uncles, nephews, and brothers.

The essences wrapped into the blend were ones I carefully distilled.  The oshala and red cedar are very special because they are not plants that are plentiful enough for me to feel good about wildcrafting.  The summer roses are rich with the scent of red cedar perfume from branches that were salvaged from clearcuts and/or burn piles, or trees slated to be taken down by arborists or friends.  This is a very strongly scented incense which is mixed with pink and blue lotuses, giving the aromatic impression of the pond the bears are circling.... an incense bears would like, so treat it like a watermelon if outside in bear habitat.

The frankincense, copal and pine resins that the flowers and herbs are blended in various stages, with have been cured with lilies, tobacco and rose flowers, to give the sweetness of the late summer meadows filled with berries and wild stone fruits, all of which have come from our land to be added to this blend.  Black poplar from the rivers we strive to protect and honor offers the notes of bees and honey to circle the perfume incense made for you by the Rings.

Comes in hexagonal honey glass jars to fit the theme ...1 oz, and 8oz. are avail.

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