River Otter Rose Incense

$ 40.00

I sat in the early morning with several mortars and pestles all around me, and an array of different essential oils arranged around my linen skirt.  In the emerald green incense nook I drew down jars of red frankincense and catnip, saturated with the resin of dragonsblood and ground this into a handfull of beautiful white sandalwood powder which was gifted to me by a lovely indigo dyer.  To this I added chips of rare and precious agarwood, broken from a smooth and gnarled piece obtained by a friend who was living in Saudi arabia with her husband for a while.  The sweet earth and precious wood notes of the oud and sandalwood were cured on a rosewood tray, steeped in the round and aged essences of rose and red cedar.  Rare animal essences of castoreum from beaver, and civet from civet cats was added allong with black poplar buds and balsam to bring in the scent of wild spring rain, and open the gates of the heart.  These animal essences were also a precious gift from another alchemist distiller friend, and they came with mighty stories of origin.  I have kept all these ingredients for many years, and was pleased and surprised when the spirits called to be blended in this way.  I aged the powder under a gold-gilded ceramic lid designed for cooking moroccan tagine, but perfectly suited for the aging of perfumed incense.

This sale is for one 1 ounce glass container of this River Otter Rose Incense.  It is best suited for an incense warmer, but will burn beautifully on charcoal as well.  A powerful, narcotic blend which is deeply immersive and hypnotic.  Opens the heart and soul in ways that pure-plant based blends do not comprehend or offer.  This is a special limited edition offering - I may make similar mixes but kept no recipe for this blend and feel it will only be here for a bit <3  Rich with several aged essences of rose and many types of crisp frankincense.  Strong and sweet, this incense will only improve with age.

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