Baltic Amber and Devils Club Mens Cologne

$ 120.00

This Baltic Amber and Devils Club Mens Cologne smells of deep green forest missions filled with amber light falling through ancient red cedar. High in the mountains where the cold streams fall and flow, there are trees so much older than our civilization. Tones of pitch and basalt in sunlight, thorns, and dark wood in wet storms are bound into this perfume of sunlight married to rain.

The cologne was created from aromatic tinctures and distillations I drew from the NW forests and my apothecary. I added several green tree essences to a base of devils club and 40 million-year old powdered amber, extracted from the chips that came from the very wheel that created the tab of amber set on the front of the bottle.
Each tab of amber contains fossil earth, leaf, and insect remains and the beads were created by artisinal amber carving friends in Lithuania. What you see on the front is dispersed inside the bottle. This essence has a natural gold sparkle to it due to the resins which I added to the mix.
The base is organic grape and corn alcohol.
This sale is for 1 30 ml bottle of cologne.

All of my perfumes are made from essences I have extracted or distilled myself or obtained from ethical distillers and perfumers around the world. I do not wildcraft without planting trees and replanting glades of overharvested plant areas. Restoration of the Pacific NW forests is at the core of my mission. I hope you enjoy this perfume

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