Along with my love of amber there has always lived in me an adoration for mulberry silk.  This is the first texture I vividly remember touching as a child and thinking it was the finest feeling in the world.  My great Aunt brought back gold silk from China in the 60s and gifted this to my mother, who placed the beautiful material, thick and lush, in the bottom drawer of a cedar chest.  As a little girl I would sneak into the drawer to place my hand on the fabric and admire it's otherworldy sheen.  My mother would scold me, but later, when I went to marry in an orchard full of pioneer apples and pears, she would give the silk to my aunt to make me the top for my wedding dress.  Over the years I have collected many types of silk, and recently, after struggling with a dark period where the perfumes were not to be made, I was led to a small shop where a woman was dying wild silks of all different kinds with indigo, alkanet, hops, and madder.  She was using so many aromatic plants to dye, and I had already grown and processed indigo the year before and applied it to silks inside my distillation unit, using the heat of the still and the steam of the oil extraction to firmly cement the dye into place and imbue the fabric with scent.  This re-inspired me to pick back up the silk wagon handle and start pulling it towards the perfumery and incense work again.  As a result of all this love of silk, I am looking forward to raising some silk worms into little silk moths, and making some thread from their cocoons.  Silks offered in this category will be very special creations for weddings and other celebration ceremonies....veils, sacred bracelets, ceremonial tying chords, and other special items.  My mother is a weaver, and her mother, and as a girl weaving and beading played a central role in my life as a healer and story teller.  The woven silks, and hand-stitched wedding veils, decked with amber and tied together with mother of pearl are full of my good thoughts for the wearer, and smell lightly of my perfumery of incense and aromatic plant essences.









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