Baltic Amber and Iris Temple Perfume

$ 75.00

This is a perfume I made to celebrate my love of baltic amber and irises. The violet tones of the iris root are contrasted against the deep, leathery, stone-like scent of the baltic amber chips I extracted to make this juice. The sweetness of poplar and other beautiful balsams smooths the amber and marries the iris into the perfume with a creamy, soft bouquet. This 2020 edition is very complex and I added a lovely dose of orange blossom and frangipani extract, both sweet and delicate, dancing with the desert tones, like flowers rising from dry stone steps, adorning the ears of the dusty temple dancers. Honey, beeswax, and notes of tea and chocolate mix with the rare and precious extract of zdravets, a sultry, spicy scent with aspects of dry cedar sacred wood, and other mysterious smoky blessings

All of the ingredients I used were drawn from my own alchemy lab or from those of friend healers, distillers, and perfumers. The base of this perfume is organic corn alcohol. This is a 15ml spray bottle. Each bottle has a different label, set to the tune of art nouveau gold and swirling flowers. This was a limited edition batch and I did not keep a recipe <3 . Enjoy!

As always, all my perfumes are synthetic free and center around ingredients I have extracted carefully myself. They are call to connect with your spirit through memories of nature.

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