Baltic Amber "Copper Creek" Necklace - Amber Water Collection #7

$ 120.00

A flashing sun tribute to the ancient spruce and douglas fir groves of Copper Creek.  Green agate, gold river light at dusk, and summer-blue sky all fits together as memories of every kind of moss and leaf fall through your mind.  The cadence and shine of water falling through hundreds of pathways.  The many ways of balance in the old growth where intuition hails remarkable things.

A water-keeper piece to remind you of where your heart must surely lie....near the flowing water with the silver trout, singing good songs with friends, collecting materials to live by....all the while water, and the scent of pitch wafting through the cedar and the purple berries...  otters drift and bark during the golden hour where all meet.

A beautiful artisinal nouveau poppy clasp adorns the back of this piece offering protection and beauty at the nape of your neck.

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