Baltic Amber "The Dragon River-Sky" - Amber Water Collection #8

$ 180.00

These colors of baltic amber, hefted by ocean waves in storms onto shore, to the countenance of thunder speaking bolts of lightning.  This tab of amber that glows with it's own fire and life, set over your heart.  A reminder of healing and growth as the coy who starts tiny in the little estuary stream, moving through lifetimes of turquoise, orange and gold, to ford upstream, rapids and sharp edges, slowly becoming the dragon of water and sky.  A water protection spirit lives near the shores where it has mastered the breath and speech of wind over grey stones, and light through shimmering poplar leaves.  Contentment and joy fill the heart of the moment as each knot tied is a promise to return to the self with kindness and a loving heart.  To turn the love we feel for our closest people towards ourselves and the mountains we love.   Amber Water Collection Necklaces are a reminder that the earth and water care for us and thrive under our loving gaze.

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