Blue Lotus Zodiac Incense

$ 45.00

Blue Lotus Zodiac incense with indigo and orange blossom will be up for sale on Autumn Equinox! For this blend i dipped lotuses in melted resins, and mixed several separate bowls of various types of frankincense, neroli oils, indigo extractions, lovely crystaline himalayan rhododendron flowers, greek sage and other dry herbal notes contrast the crystaline sweetness of the oleoresins. Layers of blue and pink lotus perfumes were gradually added as the incense cured. The cure took about 18 months. Each jar has one resin-drenched lotus bud….. One full lotus will be available at auction. If people like these i will make more because they were so vivid and medicinal to work with. Very clear, calming, and meditative. Euphoric without heaviness or intoxication. Expansive; for planetary thought, global connection, and conscious dreaming.

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