"Buena Vista" Lavender Hydrosol

$ 20.00

Ring Botanicals "Buena Vista" Lavender Hydrosol is an Oregon Northwest Specialty. This variety of lavender was bred for our rainy climate and is incredibly fruity and sweet. Absolutely gorgeous for misting over the face and tightening the skin. Makes a lovely addition to any spa, bath, or calming evening routine. Incredibly gentle for young skin and sure to please with it's soul soothing aroma. I used it this summer to treat a couple of bad bee stings on my son's feet....it took the pain away within seconds. This is a perfect gift for any family.
Hydrosols are a gentle option for those who are sensitive to stronger essential oils. They have remarkable healing and disinfectant properties which lend them to extensive use both cosmetically and therapeutically. All hydrosols are slightly acidic, just like your skin, making them perfect for use as skin toners, makeup removers, hand sanitizers, bath spritzes, and cooling relief in hot weather. Since we do not add preservatives to our hydrosols they are also great for lotion and soap formulations in place of water. The aromatic profiles of hydrosols are often different than that of the essential oil of the same plants. They are a unique creature in the world of botanicals, containing both the dissolved essential oil AND water soluble compounds from their mother plants. This makes them delicate, well rounded products that are kind and gentle to the mind and body.

Possible Applications: Facial mist/skin toner, makeup remover, hand sanitizer, air freshener, bath spritz, hot weather mister, laundry freshener, soap base, lotion base, pet calmer, soothing compress.

Traditionally used to support: Eczema, heat rash, irritated skin, bug bites, bee stings, chapped skin, anxiety, insomnia, wrinkles, acne, and general tension.

Warning: Not intended for internal us. Keep out of reach of children. Keep out of eyes. Always patch test on skin prior to use. Not for pregnant or nursing women. KEEP REFRIGERATED!

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