Bumble Bee Honey Cup Perfume

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 An autumn version of this house favorite.  Based in bright beeswax scented poplar oil infused with sweetgrass and many a golden conifer.  Made sweet and joyful with gold and white flowers of champaca, linden, and orchid. This year the scent has a strong red cedar note to honor the ancient red cedars which have been dying of drought, fire, and logging in the NW.  The scent is meant to celebrate the queen bumble bees, who are the only members of the summer hive who will survive, and will winter over in their quiet dens alone until they emerge in spring to drink daffodil nectar and restore the colony.  They will place this nectar in a honey cup inside their hive underground, and sip on it until their broods are born to assist in the good work of pollinating our raspberries, roses, lavender, rosemary, quince trees, almond flowers, and so much more.....

Scent: Rich, sweet, balsamic, honey and beeswax tones open into delicately blooming white flowers and a warm golden linden bouquet.. A soft green scent, like fresh rain on daffodils, permeates the blend, making it feel alive to the senses, rich with hypnotic indoles, signaling spring is here. These same indoles give a note of newborn baby skin, a round gentle scent, casting a halo of soft love round the whole perfume. A hint of sweet cedar arises later, after the flowers have bloomed, braided with the fragrance of sweetgrass grown in happy summer light.

Ingredients: Black Poplar and Sweetgrass infused organic jojoba and fractionated coconut oil, champaca flower absolute, coffee flower absolute, linden flower absolute, hiba wood eo, western red cedar eo, nagaromotha eo, lavender absolute, rockrose eo, jasmine sambac eo, cassia eo, red cedar eo, traces of various ancient conifers.

As always all my perfumes are synthetic free and are crafted from essences I have either derived/extracted myself via distillation, enfleurage, oil infusion, or solvent extraction, or that I have obtained from other trusted distillers adhering to the same standards of organic farming, and sustainable earth practices.

Offered in 1ml, 5ml, and 25ml bottles.

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