Butterfly Wing Perfume

$ 80.00

I make Butterfly Wing perfumes at my perfume organ from delicate flower distillations drawn from my garden and my good distiller friends throughout the world. This 2022 edition of the perfume is made with an emphasis on green herbs with bee balm and lemon thyme melding with florals to create a felted velvet perfume that feels very enveloping and happy.

The scent is a honey floral that drops down deep into hive medicine with petals of gold and a sense of loneliness lifting.

Distillations of garden flowers and herbs are combined into a base of black poplar oil which was harvested by my family for many years, and then aged to accentuate the rich notes of honey, cherry and comb.

This is a perfume for those missing lost loved ones, for those who wish for lightness in dark times, and for those of us metamorphosing into something bright, airy, and beautiful. It was made with love and gentleness by the good work and curiosity of many a fine healer. These intentions will flutter about you as you don this scent.

As always, all of my perfumes are synthetic free, and my extracts are drawn from ethically grown or wildcrafted organic plants.  If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a note. Each one of these perfumes has its own unique label. This is a limited edition batch of which I only made a dozen.

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