Church Window Incense

$ 40.00

This incense is part of my "Medieval Illumination" Collection.  I made this incense by melting red and black frankincense into blue lotuses and rose buds.  The idea was to create beautiful transparent cakes of incense for special social gatherings.  

After making these resin "windows" I broke them ;), and put the pieces into jars for all of us to share.  These are classic old medicines, and this blend is meant to be heated on an electric incense warmer; I carry several types.  It will remelt into a small round pane of incense stained glass for your good heart.  This blend can also be added to 190 proof alcohol and turned into a lovely perfume with a little time.

There is a limited quantity of this winter holiday blend, for your alchemical needs, for your magdeline bee sisters, for those of us who find pathways of practicing our spirituality every day through our art.  Cheers to a good solstice to you all, I will be burning this with you my rose familia!

2 oz jars with gold cap labeled with windows...


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