Electric Incense Warmer - Black matte

$ 85.00

A simple but elegant incense warmer with adjustable temperature.  Can also function as an adjustable aromatherapy diffuser. 

Electric warmers are the preferred method for heating delicate loose incense blends that contain florals or other aromatics which are easily destroyed by the heat of a coal, or too high of a temperature.  Many folks find they enjoy the daily ritual of using their incense warmer to create a sense of calm and grounding.  Very different than using combustible incense which can cause headaches for some people or may be too overwhelming for children, pets, or roommates.  The nice thing about these warmers is they can be set on a very low temperature which allows us to enjoy the floral components and other delicate aspects of loose incense.

Never leave incense burners or warmers unattended; treat them as you would a fire or a stove-top.  Always be sure to place burners on a ceramic or stone tile and do not light them on fabric or wood surfaces.

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