High Desert Oasis Perfume

$ 60.00

This perfume is a tribute to the basin and range country of Eastern Oregon.  I spent many years wildcrafting from the abundance of Western Juniper in this region and always felt lucky to be able to spend time in the Juniper forests sniffing around for scent components.  For this perfume I wanted to capture the scent of black poplar trees, with their honey-beeswax aroma, around a water hole in the high desert.

I added several different Juniperous occidentalis distillations; some were carried out in copper and others in stainless steel.  A couple came from fellow Northwest distillers, and we enjoyed collaborating as we discussed what we were learning in our respective harvest grounds.  Some ranchers and homesteaders seeking harmony in their permacultured environs would drop off large burlap bags of juniper, and that nice wild west scent of horses and burlap would mingle in the distillations in such a perfect way.

The juniper scent and the poplar form the main body of this perfume, and then I added resinous codistillations to give the presence of forest pines and firs, and then topped the perfume with traces of artemisia tridentata, commonly known as western sage.

I hope you enjoy this wild aroma and that for those unable to reach the areas of eastern Oregon which they remember, that this brings you home for a bit.

Available in 1ml, and 10 ml bottles.  Base is fractionated coconut oil.

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