High Summer Botanical Garden Perfume

$ 75.00

I distilled many beautiful plants from my garden to create this perfume of golden flowers....goldenrod, mugwort, lemon verbena, rosemary, sweet pink lavender...inside my copper still along with honey, and happy wishes.  I added some very beautiful, rare floral extracts of aglaia (think honey, green apples, and dried pears), jasmine sambac (a crisp jasmine with a beautiful green fruit note), and a lovely distillation of Eastern Red Cedar, which lends a cucumber/fresh melon note.  This is a very vibrant perfume, anchored in the sweet, golden, healing medicine of black poplar balsam, collected along our special Oregon rivers, at the very first sin of spring. 

Thus early sunshine, is drawn through into this bottle, along with the many-tongued song of the garden, spring through summer....the stories of friends laughing with me over these distillations no doubt made it through, and perhaps even the scent of tequila being passed with cackles and snorts, under full moons and dark moons, a year represented by the plants singing along in this bottle.

Available in 5, 15, and 30 ml