Incense Rainbow Perfume

$ 7.00

This botanical perfume was made by extracting extremely beautiful green frankincense, red frankincense, white frankincense, red myrrh, and various herbs from Crete, and my Oregon garden.  Powder and chips of baltic amber were added to this extraction as it processed for about 18  months.  The amber was obtained from various artisans in Lithuania who make jewelry and send me the chips and powder from their wheels to use in incense and perfume.  This creates a 40 million year old extraction rich with fossils of exctinct rockrose, magnolia, and mimosa aromatic landscape where many creatures thrived, and where the climate was warming, much like today.  The forests of oak threw off flowers into the woodlands where the trees were weeping resins in great magnitude.  A story of life was captured perfectly in the resins, unlike any other snapshot in history.  

This is why I love to study and share amber in the context of incense and visa versa.  The stories are intrinsically connected and full of similarity.  

The base of this perfume is grape and sugar cane alcohol.  Contains a nice draught of the Green Ring Perfume, which added depth and gave it the presence of all the ancient trees I love.

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