Lavender Spice Incense

$ 25.00

This Lavender Spice Incense was crafted from high grade organic, fair trade frankincense resin - boswellia carterri, and negra, as well as a base of patchouli saturated with a lavender perfume. This perfume was made from several types of very sweet lavender distilled on our family land in my small copper still, resulting in an excellent quality of oil, soft and seductive, round and floral, without soapy resistant sharp notes. The vanilla and cedar in the base meld to form an earthy bark accord that is deep and comforting, making a perfect backdrop to set the varying shades of lavender toned perfume into. Studding this constellation of rich velvet and secret dreams, are dark spices of clove, nutmet, and cardamom, held together with red cedar. The blend was turned and stirred on a regular basis, and allowed to cure for a full year in the green incense nook alongside the rose incenses, and the poplar and heartwood branches.

This incense is best experienced on a warmer such as the Golden Lotus at relatively low temperatures, but casts a sweet and sultry smoke on charcoal. Perfect for these bored winter days where the spirit longs for the mystery of the unknown, for a magical surprise of feeling.....or for the lost soul who wants some enveloping comfort, like a blanket of soft, loving smoke...

This sale is for 1/2 oz of lavender spice incense, which has been aged for a full year, and dusted with gold micah.

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