Lightning Woman - Perfume of the Spoken Word

$ 120.00

Lightning Woman Botanical Perfume

This is a perfume for the fire of the spoken word. It is meant to help you remember what it is to come awake in a lightning storm and remember. To speak what we are and how we feel, to clarify the burden or ask for relief: these are powerful actions carried in this perfume by ancient fallen trees, fire-scorched resins, dark-burned heartwood, and then the incredible brightness of wild flowers and the fertility of seeds brought forth by drought.

Overall effect is a complex woody aromatic with tones of cedar and fir, spruce and heartwood. Flowers are tart and crisp and the trace of smoke swirling through is backed by the zing of crushed green leaves of myrtle.

*Please note you have bottle choices - or you can purchase without the bottle..... these were originally snuff bottles which i had carved with extra space, but the stopper are not full proof. The bottles main function is to hold a small amount of perfume on a special altar, and to anoint yourself and the bottle as a meditation on what you wish to say and what you wish to hold close. The stone becomes saturated in perfume over time and an indescribably beautiful transparency begins to unfurl...and alchemy between perfume and shining stone *

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