Moss Man Perfume

$ 75.00

Moss Man Botanical Perfume 

I created Moss Man to go along in the forest with Moss Woman Perfume. I used many many trees in this blend including pine, juniper, douglas fir and cedar extractions I distilled with frankincense. The resinous qualities blend with the forest oils to create that scent you get in the lush green old growth forest full of moss and ferns at the base of the mountains near the dry desert juniper stands.
I added a dry base to this perfume that has a long staying power and includes extracts of fossil baltic amber, lending leathery desert notes, and palpable qualities of stone and dust. This is dry moss and wet moss on a rainy day in the woods while you walk about being wild and kind.

The base of this perfume is fractionated coconut oil with absolutes, essential oils, codistillations, and attars that I have created in my perfumery or obtained from sweet friends in other parts of the world. I work carefully to make sure that I am using essences that I feel are of beautiful quality.
Kindly, Jessica ring

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