Mysterium - A Futhark Runes Divining Incense

$ 40.00

You are in a cave asking the earth which way to go now.  The scent of dry stone, mineral water, feather, bone, and hallowed decay surrounds you, yet a fresh breeze from the old growth forest outside still reaches you from around the waterfall guarding the entrance.  The scent of rain on earth is as heavy as your soul as you sink into a trance to ask for a direction.  One symbol is drawn from a bag of stones at your waist, and it will be the same stone you draw for many months, a passage stone, one that teaches you how to change your vantage and the direction of your force of will.  When you have your answers you light a fire to thank the ancestors and the incense ends with the scent of honey offered, red cedar in the rain, and dry wood smoke against a backdrop of waterfall-hewn fog.

2oz orange tin has a rune on top to puzzle over <3  This is an excellent incense to burn on charcoal or better yet, to use in an incense warmer.  Hypnotic, jammy and sweet with forest notes, this is a dense incense evoking old feelings.

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