Oregon Amber Incense

$ 3.00

Oregon Amber Incense from Ring Botanicals calms the heart so easily with it's gold-white hand. A layered creation. A golden stratification of Poplar Balsam harvested from our Oregon river-sides, smelling of honey and beeswax, infused with an amber natural perfume glowing with the ambient light of peru balsam, rose, vanilla, and the sweet cashmere warmth of ambrette. Dusted with a hand-ground coating of Jawee incense resin, and our own garden-grown sweetgrass this is a heart-straight creation developed and aged over a 6 month period.

This sale is for a 1/2 oz Container of Oregon Amber Incense from Ring Botanicals.

This is a loose incense best if experienced on an electric incense warmer at low heat, but may also be enjoyed on charcoal or in an incense burner.

Ingredients: Sweet Grass, Black Poplar buds, Frankincense tears, Opoponax resin, Jawee Benzoin Resin, Dried White Sage, Oregon Amber Natural Perfume.