Pardalium Perfume - Poplar Pinon Rose

$ 7.00

This is my most special perfume.  It is made from a blend of our finest house poplar oils, roses from around the world, and pinon pine needle oil from two very skilled Southwest distillers whom I adore.  The effect is one of sweet dry summer glass, overladen with honey, strawberries, and blackberries.  Traces of cinnamon spice and clean river water notes are born by the poplar, and the bright green top notes of the pinon pine are the clearest conifer notes I can imbue.  

This perfume is loves by many wild animals and has helped other animals in captivity to feel as if they are also by the river graced with wild poplar and still wilder roses.  We are all here along the banks, unseparated by ideas or dominion of class or persona.  Each person is gentle spirited and seen as the person they are, not the person our world pushes us into becoming.  This is an essence to remind that we are all people of the land, no matter how far we feel disconnected: that is a simple illusion which can be broken by stepping towards the plants that sitting near water and watching what comes, waiting, patiently for the visions that bring wholeness and nearness to nature.

Extremely limited edition - this perfume sells out quickly and is limited by the number of those beautiful leaf glass bottles that I have <3  Enjoy and go be wild this spring!

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