Parrot Woman Perfume

$ 7.50

Parrot Woman Breaks Free is a perfume in the Illumination Collection.  Made from the things parrots love, this perfume is full of light, color, flowers, and fruits.  Unexpected and joyful the rainbow of language flows outward in this playful perfume, which is perfect for dancing, playing with little kids, playing pranks, or just uplifting your general mood and boredom levels.  It has a distinct watermelon note, which was happily crafted from various citrus oil, and marigold blossoms.

Underneath the riot of color and scent is a moonlit clarity born of focused attention to detail.   Only the parrot knows when the leopard will strike, feasting on flowers and stolen fruit, parrot woman knows the wise sky pathways of how to hold onto inner joy in difficult seasons.  

The flowers aromatics included in this perfume are jasmine sambac, plumeria, kewda, aglaia, genet, rose and marigold as well as clary sage and rose geranium, and ylang.  The fruits utilized in this blend are lime, kaffir lime, wild orange, yellow and green mandarin and a base of candied lime kumquat in squash blossom honey.  A green, vividly scented extraction of sharp jungles scents was used to counter and balance the sweetness of the fruits and florals.  I used as many plants as I could that parrots actually love to eat.


Sillage: This is a light perfume with a soft musky tropical forest dry down.  The amplitude of the sillage is loud, beautiful, and buoyant.

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Ingredients: Organic Grape Alcohol, Organic Cane alcohol, various extraction in alcohol, essential oils, absolutes, codistillations, floral waxes, balsams, and gums were utilized in this scent.

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