Pink Lavender and Current Perfume

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This botanical perfume was made from pink current flowers which I harvested in spring during a two day window of highly aromatic perfume.  During this time the flowers have a brilliant, sharp scent classic to current fruit, with unusual green heart notes, and special rose-geranium-like aromas which attract hummingbirds from high in the air.  As the currents bloom, gradually from south to north, the hummingbirds follow these spotlights of vivid fluorescent color and fragrance, feeding on this crucial nectar as they go.  I like to start these bushes each year in the fall and give them away to friends, students, and customers in the spring.  They are a beautiful addition to almost any NW garden

After I extracted this base over two consecutive springs, I added in several distillations of our "Hidcote Pink" and "Melissa" pink lavender oils (Lavandula angustifolia.)  These are specialty NW varieties that we found grew beautifully in our rainy climate over the 16 years of lavender farming and distilling.  The oils I chose for this perfume were distilled in the last several years of drought, and some in very cool years, so you get this intense caramel, dried sweetgrass note, paired with a fresh green, delicate floral note which is similar to the candy-apple goodness of aglaia, or the perfectly haunting echo of a pure french lavender absolute.

The overall effect for this perfume is a lavender orchard accord which resembles the smell of our farm during June when the transparent heirloom apples fall, and the strawberry harvests are ripening in fields of sweet woodruff and hay.  Linden blooms and you are sure to feel the buzz of all the many bees in this sweet loving perfume from our family hands.  15 ml spray bottle.  

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