Ring Of Fire Perfume

$ 120.00

Ring of Fire Natural Perfume - 15ml Spray Bottle from Ring Botanicals

Smoldering cherry-amber perfume with a thrice-split heart of Jasmine, Ishpink, and Wild Ginger. Sweet Leaf Tobacco and Raw Fossil Amber lust after one another in an aphrodisiac base of hand-tinctured Cocoa, Maca, and Red Frankincense. Named for the fiery rise of the blazing phoenix and the volcanically active region around the Pacific Ocean this perfume is a circular spell carried out in an aromatic love potion. A wisp of smoke under the door of sillage that sparkles and transforms like fire opals and iridescent feathers on the skin. Deep under the cover of this floral darkness, kiln-kissed nagarmotha and shamama attar engage in animalic play with honey-gilded, golden Black Poplar Balsam. Dries down into the soft red lace and languor of creamy flowers, sweet berries, dry cocoa, and precious sun-loved wood. This is a head turning perfume. I can't be held responsible for the sultry hip-rolling and longing that this blend may induce, nor the other nefarious behavior you may find yourself engaging in as a result.

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