Ring Of Fire Perfume

$ 120.00

Ring of Fire Natural Perfume - 15ml Spray Bottle from Ring Botanicals

Smoldering cherry-amber perfume with a thrice-split heart of Jasmine, Ishpink, and Wild Ginger. Sweet Leaf Tobacco and Raw Fossil Amber lust after one another in an aphrodisiac base of hand-tinctured Cocoa, Maca, and Red Frankincense. This 2022 version has a radiant ripe cherry note and is cloaked in many layers of incense smoke.  Intrigues the inner mystic.  A muse of a perfume full of it's own fire and life.  Named for the blazing phoenix  who rises from the ashes this perfume is full of scorched heartwood. Also named for  the volcanically active region around the Pacific Ocean that so many of us live along.


This perfume is a circular spell carried out in an aromatic love potion.  It is an invitation to explore perfumery through the symbols of fire. A wisp of smoke under the door of sillage that sparkles and transforms like opals and iridescent feathers on the skin. Under the cover of this floral darkness, kiln-kissed nagarmotha and shamama attar engage in animalic play with honey-gilded, golden Black Poplar Balsam. Dries down into the soft red lace and languor of creamy flowers, sweet berries, dry cocoa, and precious sun-loved wood.


This is a head turning perfume. I can't be held responsible for the sultry hip-rolling and longing that this blend may induce, nor the other nefarious behavior you may find yourself engaging in as a result.

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