Rose and Red Cedar Baskets

$ 140.00

These baskets are made from western red cedar which was shaped into carriers for the very best fruit on Mt. Hood back in the day.  I have filled them with the best of my rose products from the farm and mountain.

Large Rose Baskets contain:

-1 2oz. Rasperry Rose and Blackberry Cane "Thorn" Hydrosol

-1 Purple Lotus Perfume (may be exchanged for Copal Rose) a lovely limited edition composition made of Pink lotus extracts, cherry-honey-scented black poplar oil, and rose and balsam extracts

-1 1.5 oz Lotus Bear Incense - an Oshala Rose incense

-1 1.5 oz Lion's Rose incense - a sweet golden incense with damask roses

-1 1.5 oz Raspberry Apple Rose Incense - limited edition incense of the orchard and wild rose glade

-1 2oz Rainbow Rose Clay mask - Ring family roses - heirlooms and austins - organically grown - mixed with french green clay.

-1 Lotus Pod Incense Burner - comes with some charcoal tabs 

-1Copal Rose Perfume sample

-1 Rose bottle diffuser with wood cap (for car)


-1 Purple Lotus Perfume- 10 ml rose gold roll-on (only avail in baskets - may be exchanged for 10 ml copal rose)

-1 2oz. Raspberry Rose and Blackberry Thorn Hydrosol

-1 1.5 oz. Lotus Bear Incense

-1 Copal Rose Perfume sample

- 1 Red Cedar Rose Perfume sample (only avail in small baskets)

-1 rose glass diffuser- with wooden cap- for car

-1 Rainbow Rose Clay Mask - 1/2 oz