SAMPLE PACKS with Stories

$ 25.00

These Stories and perfume samples are designed to take you on an aromatic journey into the life of semi-fictional Sophia as she studies the ultraviolet properties of essential oils, crafts botanical perfume, distills essential oils, or discusses the aromatic ecology of her journeys into the forest and riverine areas of the pacific NW. The educational pieces are designed to offer you distillation and botanical perfumery skills, or teach you how to make lovely plant-based incense. Some stories take you into Sophia's garden where you can learn to grow, harvest and extract plants to make your own perfumes, or take a day into the realms if distillation. Advanced perfumery and distillation techniques are encompassed in many of these stories, and the samples of perfume and oil that go along with them reflect the true journey of the distiller and perfumer. I hope you will enjoy this new expansion into aromatic offerings where a story layer is added to truly expand on the fragrance, and visa versa. Each story comes with 5 vials of perfume and/or essential oil and one sample of incense. Some packages may vary a little but all will be generous and reflective of the olfactory journey described in the story.

You can also read Sophia's original story, "Sophia and the Black Light Perfumery", on my blog, at This story is the root story from which this fist branches emerge.