Silk Moth - A Sweetgrass and Tobacco Perfume

$ 80.00

Silk moths are perfumers who gather the metallic threads of ferns and aromatic flowers as they make themselves shining silk and sweep through the pre-dawn hours of the hazel and hemlock groves.  They smell of vanilla and sweetgrass and bring many beautiful ways of restoration to the forest.  

This perfume is a tribute to the Silk moths in the old growth forests of Oregon, where most of their native habitat has been clearcut.

I wanted to create an enveloping sweet-loving cocoon of a protective scent to share with my loved ones and to wear during hard times.  I got pretty excited when I had an epiphany that I could "dress" my bottles is jacquard silk with little tiny silk moth motifs <3  So I have been lovingly sewing this fabric on with indigo silk thread.

I began this perfume by blending a lot of very beautiful orchid-scented vanilla absolute with some sweetgrass extracted from my garden, as well as tobacco extract (nicotine removed).  This created a very voluptuous, soft, sweet-earth scent which I then added plush garden flowers and some nice warming spices; cardomom and a plant called zdravets, which imbues a very sultry, earthy spice which has rare notes of rain on earth and roots.  Poplar balsam added another layer of the rain-river note, as the warmth of sweetgrass and resins keeps a soft fire-lamp-light glowing in the heart of this composition. To finish the perfume I added a distillation of blue lotus which was carried out by a group of beautiful healers.  It adds a sense of omnipresent beauty rising out of darkness. And lotus, gives her grace of clear-eyed calm, a soft blessing full of awareness and self-knowing.

 Like a hammock this perfume is meant to hold you and help you feel surrounded in the wisdom of the ancestors.  For this purpose I included the essence of several japanese temple trees which were distiled into sacred perfume for incense and healing meditation.  I also added my own heart meditations of protection for deep rest, sweet snuggles, gentle laughter, safety with loved ones, and warmth.

I like to wear this perfume in my hair and find that people respond very warmly to it in public, with smiles and sweet nods.  

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