The Lion's Rose Incense

$ 45.00

This golden incense is crafted from many roses gathered on our family farm, combined with organic free-trade frankincense resin sourced directly from harvesters or my incense mentors.  This is a vibrant sun-drenched incense full of sparkling life and honey-bee light.  It is meant to represent and incite the courage and joy of protecting what we love and care for.  An incense for heart power, and to bring about the courage to speak on love and act with courage in the face of fear.  The rose and the lion, forever bound with in an old language.  To these heart notes I added a perfume made of fruit-scented current leaves and flowers, which added notes of fig, along with black poplar oil and fir balsam to invite the hive into the smoke magic.  Roses were dipped in melted frankincense which was mixed with the perfumes citrus leaves and green spices....  So we have a heated desert landscape which leads as the sun goes down to a green citrus jungle where the harvest tree of life awaits.

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