Western Juniper Hydrosol

$ 24.00

Ring Botanical's Western Juniper Hydrosol (Juniperous occidentalis) is a Northwest specialty.

Juniper branch tips and berries are wild crafted in early spring and late fall from remote areas in the Oregon desert. I carefully distill this harvest to yield a powerful hydrosol with potent grounding properties. When I need to focus in and get a job done I turn to Juniper for this no-nonsense fragrance. Many people find this to be of great use in spiritual ceremony and the treatment of various addictions. The fragrance is very similar to that of the fresh plant and will transport you to the wild areas east of the Cascade Mountains. This makes a perfect gift for any desert loving man or woman.

Possible Uses: Antifungal properties make this a great choice for deodorant, foot and shoe spray, air freshener, hand sanitizer and bathroom cleanser.

Ring Botanicals Hydrosols

All of my hydrosols are carefully distilled form plants that I either grow from seedlings on our family land or wild craft throughout our beautiful Northwest forests, deserts, meadows, and river sides. Our family is completely opposed to the use of pesticides and herbicides and have always practiced organic, sustainable farming on our farm. We love the plants we grow and feel this is reflected in the quality of the distillates they give back to us.

Warning: Not intended for internal us. Keep out of reach of children. Keep out of eyes. Always patch test on skin prior to use. Not for pregnant or nursing women. KEEP REFRIGERATED!

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