Western Red Cedar Hydrosol

$ 10.00

Ring Botanical's Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata) Hydrosol is a product unique to our west coast.

I carefully distill this tree water from branch tips harvested in the early spring and late fall from deep forest locations. My heart is always in the process and I take great care in this work. Western Red Cedar is sacred amongst the native tribes for it's plethora of uses and powerful spiritual and medicinal properties. When I need to go back to center and remember what is important I use this hydrosol to remind me of my core values. It makes me feel connected to the forests and river sides that I can not always reach from my city home. Makes a beautiful addition to any ceremony.

Possible Applications: Hand sanitizer, air freshener, bath spritz, hot weather mister, laundry freshener. Antifungal properties make this a great choice for deodorant, foot and shoe spray, air freshener, hand sanitizer and bathroom cleanser.

Warning: Not intended for internal us. Keep out of reach of children. Keep out of eyes. Always patch test on skin prior to use. Not for pregnant or nursing women. KEEP REFRIGERATED!
May contain Thujone – do not use if you have health, kidney or liver problems.

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