Wholesale Essential Oils and Natural Perfumes June 29 2018

RING BOTANICALS - Wholesale Pricing and Policies for 2017-2018

Essential Oils

Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata) - $12.00 (Iimited seasonal availability - LSA)

Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) $10.00

Black Poplar Oil (Populous trichocarpa) $10.00

Western Juniper (Juniperous occidentalis) $10.00

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) $10.00 (coming soon - Italy! )

Western Hemlock Spruce $10.00

Grand Fir $10.00

Oregon Forest Attar $15.00 ( special codistillation of Oregon

Trees into Black Poplar Oil Lavandin $10.00 (blend of organic oils from me and        other Oregon growers)

“Buena Vista” Lavender $12.00 (RB oil + local friend distillers OG oil)

Natural Perfumes

Kingfisher $16.00

Lavender Spice $18.00

Lavender Spruce $18.00

Oregon Amber $18.00

Copal Rose $20.00

Ring of Fire $20.00

Lewis and Clark $20.00


*Minimums - must purchase minimum of 6 items to receive wholesale discounts.* (though I sometimes flex this rule for new start-up apothecaries or herb shops bringing medicine to their local communities)

Hydrosols - Custom Orders Available - send note to request price list - jess@ringbotanicals.com

*Hydrosols are unpreserved and need to be refrigerated for storage unless you wish to preserve them yourself.  Shelf life is typically 1-2 years unpreserved in a refrigerated unit, though many will last longer. Prices Vary depending on farming and weather cycles and availability of plant material.

Custom Distillations for Hydrosols

Most of the hydrosols that I sell are on a pre-request basis in 2-4 liter quantities.  I can produce gallon quantities of all of my conifer distillations, as well as lavender.  Buyers request specific distillations, and I ship these the day after they are drawn from the still.  

Pre-Bottled Hydrosols under Ring Botanicals Label

Please contact me for a separate wholesale price list, as these offerings change each year.  jess@ringbotanicals.com

Dear Customers-

I hope you are all happy and well as we transition into fall.  As I prepare to venture out for the fall conifer harvests, I wanted to update you on the new wholesale policies and pricing at Ring Botanicals, and give you a feel for where I am at in terms of production process, community mission, product offerings. I’d also like to apologize if you haven’t heard from me in a while - I have been working hard to lay the solid foundation for the next phase of work here at Ring Botanicals.


I’m thrilled  to be set up now in a new lab space/ apothecary/ perfumery.  It has taken most of the spring and summer to design and balance, and now I am ready to step back into full time aromatic work.  After two years of intense illness and healing, and much consideration, I have decided to continue running Ring Botanicals as sole owner.  I love the work I do and the stories of healing that come back to me from our community of buyers.


While I do take on a few apprentices for support every year, I am for the most part, a one-woman-show, and I find this is integral to the quality of my products.  I personally distill all of my own conifer oils, as well as extracting well over 100 different aromatic botanicals for use in my natural perfume blends. I work exclusively with organic and or wildcrafted plants which I hold deep respect for.  10 years of farming at Ring Botanicals has opened a gateway for gallons of perfume to pour from our family land, into your shops, and out into the hearts of those in need of the forest while in the city.

I never use synthetic aromatics, and I work closely with a network of other small-scale, ethical distillers who provide me with the essences that I can’t extract myself. 

Order Deliveries

Local deliveres will take anywhere from 3-7 business days to arrive.

Artisinal Essential Oils

I offer a small line of carefully distilled essential oils.  As I slowly expand these essence offerings I will be including distillations for sale from other artisinal distillers who I love and trust.  For example, after several years of rosemary crop failure, and very low yields of the oil, I am excited to have cemented a connection with a brother-distiller in Italy who is producing organic, tested, food-grade rosemary with a beautiful nose/scent. This oil is going to be more cost-effective for my customers and it will also allow me to support another distiller doing hard, good work within a community of traditional farmers.  I only work with other distillers who hold the same values when it comes to distilling; which is first and foremost to honor the land, plants, and animals in relation to the process. It takes many years to find these types of connections (the field is staked out and over-tapped, with most producers causing more harm than good for the environment) and I am excited to bring some of these beautiful offerings to our community.

Distilling at Ring Botanicals

All Ring Botanicals in-house distillations are produced from sustainably grown or wildcrafted plants harvested by me personally and distilled carefully for optimal fragrance and healing potential.  I am always happy to answer any questions you may have about specific distillations and offer short educational seminars for employees on the potential medicinal applications/limitations of the essential oils and perfumes.  I distill small batches of certain aromatics in copper or glass, depending on the nature of their fragrance. Most of my conifer and lavender essential oils are distilled fresh in my 60 gallon stainless steel distiller.

Making Natural Perfume

 It is very rare to find perfumes that are 100% botanically-based, crafted completely in-house, from the ground, to the harvest basket, to the lab, to the bottle. It takes years to make a good natural perfume and bring it to market.   All of my perfumes are made to feature in-house extractions of bio-regional ingredients. I write about these perfumes then as not just art-pieces, but ecosystems in a bottle meant to inspire ecological conservation. Each plant must be extracted with it’s own set of techniques and parameters.  Perfumes are set in bases of organic alcohol (grain, grape, corn, ect) or fractionated coconut oil and have been specifically designed for shelf lifes ranging from 6-10 years. It is best not to display them in full light as this ages them faster. Natural perfumes change on the skin over time - this is a selling point to celebrate and point out to curious customers, encouraging them to sample perfumes on their skin while they shop.