Ring Botanicals

Ring Botanicals has been carefully crafting small-batch artisinal perfumes and essential oils from organic and wildcrafted plants since 2007.  Our purpose has always been to bring about beauty and healing through the creation of perfumes that smell like the ecosystems they come from.  We extract over 100 of our own essences ranging from herbs such as rosemary and lavender, to rarer essences like our house specialty, Black Poplar, or the heartwood of ancient fir trees.   With each harvest we draw from the land we return more than we take; by farming sustainably, planting trees, sharing seeds, and educating other herbalists and distillers about ethical wildcrafting of native plants, we restore our good connection with the healing plants.  Our natural perfumes are 100% sythetic-free and boast ingredients from artisinal distiller friends the world round.  True to name, our work encircles and protects many small trees and millions of beneficial pollinators and bees who sip on the nectar of our crops.  These voices of the trees, and roots, and flowers that you will hear in our offerings have much to tell you about how to reclaim your own spirit, as well as protect that of the land.


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