Flower Pearl Perfume

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Flower Pearl Perfume is a tea ceremony perfume based around a very lovely extraction I did of Jasmine Flower pearl tea.  I worked this blend at night, in quiet lunar energy, adding collections of exquisite night-blooming flowers; white plumeria, jasmine, pink champaca, and orange blossom as well as the rare extract of the gigantic, creamy-scented flowers of pandanus.  

This is a very collected, elegant perfume which displays soft green tea notes alternating with clouds and currents of green floral scents, unfolding in the same way pearls of tea unfurl in a golden cup.  A perfect violet note sits at the heart of this silken fragrance, paired with iris.

The effect is calming, and the dry down is powdery, delicate, floral, with nuances of a soft peachy muscat wine or a late harvest of very sweet honeydew in the kitchen where the current and quince jam is made.

The base of this perfume is organic grape and sugar can alcohol.  It contains essential oils, absolutes, floral waxes, codistillations, and other careful extractions carried out by myself and my fellow friend distillers from around the world.  Our network is focused on sustainable extraction of perfume with a negative carbon footprint.  We always plant 6 times more than we harvest and will never deplete an ecosystem for profit.

Ingredients: Organic Grape Alcohol, Organic Cane Alcohol, Jasmine Pearl Tea Extraction, Devil's Club extraction, Pink Champaca Abs., Clary Sage Abs., Jasmine Sambac abs, Bulgarian Rose Abs, Himalayan Rose Otto, Plumeria Supreme EO, Iris Pallida butter, Wild agarwood codistilled with sandalwood, Violet Leaf and Flower , Jawee Benzoin Extraction, Traces of several ancient 1000 year old trees.

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