Indigo Cauldron Incense

$ 33.00

I crafted this incense by painting white frankincense resin with indigo dye.  Then I took indigo leaves and coated them with powdered indigo dye from my copper indigo cauldron.  I then added more frankincense and a perfume made from a distillation of wormwoods, indigo, sweetgrass, silk, pinon pine resin, rose geranium, and honey frankincense.  Bay leaves and a crystalline blend of calendula and dragonsblood with catnip were also added along with several layers of orange blossom enfleurage, and indigo-dyed pieces of black frankincense.  The overall effect is a teal river of cooling flowers which warms into a sunlit day where the light pours through maple leaves next to a little stream.  A waterfall of shining indigo silk pours through the entire composition, melded to the geranium, neroli, and sweetgrass, like lily pads radiating gradients of gentle green scent, this incense creates rippling effects of light on water.  Star anise dipped in melted frankincense resin finishes this constellation of glowing resins.

This is a resin-heavy incense that took two years to complete from the indigo extraction to the daily stirring in the big blue bowl. 9 tins available.

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