Emerald Forest Cologne

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This botanical Emerald Forest Perfume is a synthetic-free composition made from carefully distilled conifer needles, resins, and woods.  (for more pictures please check out my Instagram/FB accounts.

A sparkling forest perfume that actually smells like you are inside of the green wood, standing with your eyes looking up into the canopy, where the light is falling through the dust of pollen, and the pines and firs are dripping resin down to warm in the sun. As you walk, the earth beneath your feet, made of needles and leaves and little snail shells, sends it's own perfume up to you, with each step, the scent of dry earth, and wet earth, and rained upon earth, rises into your soul.

Ingredients: organic alcohol, a few dozen different tree oils <3 There is an actual forest inside of this bottle.  Pinon pine, grand fir, douglas fir, western red cedar, hiba wood, eaglewood, howood, and others....

When I am harvesting trees for distillation I am very careful to only collect from areas that need a little thinning due to crowding, or areas that are fire-prone and could use clearing. I trade artisinal essential oils and perfumes with other distillers who have the same set of ethics regarding their work; which is to first do no harm, and then to extract oils that are as close to their natural, original, living character as possible. We try to honor the plants by giving back to the forest in the form of native planting of trees and rare flowers, removal of trash and garbage, and by respectfully observing an area for at least a couple years before taking anything. Codistillation of plants and various resins, together, to create perfume right out of the still, lowers my carbon footprint significantly, and allows me to use tiny amounts of different plants without ever harvesting too much of any one.

I love the work I do, blending in my little bee hive perfume room, sending gifts to customers, and making aromatic medicine that helps people feel joyful, or heal.

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