Golden Moon Perfume

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Golden Moon Perfume is a sweetgrass perfume full of the moon magic of my garden.  I extracted the base from plants I grew, and then added in cocoa, maca, and baltic amber that were gifts from other artisans.  I combined this with an extraction of Vanilla Leaf, which was a small 6-plant bouquet that I wild-crafted from a site which was a rescue pre-clearcut.  These leaves added a very haunting understory to this perfume reminiscent of our native tiny tobaccos, and the sweet woodruff which dries and adds it's scent to the olfactory landscape of the ancient NW forests.

This is a comforting blend to calm the senses.  It is gentle and buoyant with a radiant, soft heart.  Lovely sprayed in the hair or skirt hems, this is a congenial perfume which is appealing for it's inherent simplicity and gentleness.  Makes a good gift option for those uncertain about what to get a friend or partner.  Not overbearing.  Light.

The base of this perfume is organic grape/sugar cane alcohol.

15 ml spray bottle adorned with vintage nouveau stamping of lazy lady on the moon

5 ml square bottle adorned with metallic gold moon motif

1ml sample vial 

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